Deeplinking for WordPress Galleries

The Modula Deeplink Add-on makes it easy to take full advantage of the SEO benefits of a gallery created with Modula. We’ve made it easy to create URLs that are both unique and indexable for each item in your gallery.

The deeplinking add-on conveniently lets you link to any image in your gallery – making it easy for you to share URLs with visitors and clients when referring to a specific image in a gallery. These URLs are also extremely beneficial for SEO as it allows search engines to individually index items in your gallery.

When active, deeplinking will work automatically – try it out with the gallery below. Simply click an image and notice how the URL changes whenever you navigate to a different image and is cleared once the lightbox is closed. So to link to an individual image directly all you need to do is copy the full URL for the image you want to link to.

The Modula Deeplink extension is only available to Modula Pro users! Upgrade today.

The WordPress Gallery Plugin for Non-Technical Users

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