Add Image Hover Effects

Adding hover effects to the images on your website has really never been easier

Appear| Catinelle | Comodo | Crafty | Curtain | Fluid up | Hide | Lens | Pufrobo | Quiet | Reflex | Seemo

The easiest and debatably the best way to add hover effects to the images on your WordPress website is to install Modula – the most powerful, user-friendly WordPress gallery plugin.Download Modula

Step 2 – Creating your gallery

First, you’ll need to either create a new gallery or edit an existing one. You should find creating your first gallery using Modula really easy, but here’s a brief explanation that should clear things up for you.

  1. To create a new gallery, head to Modula > and click “Add New”.
  2. After just a few seconds of loading, you be automatically taken to the gallery edit screen so you can start working on your gallery right away.

Step 3 – Upload your images

Next, upload your chosen set of images to your newly created gallery.

Time to add those GIFs to your gallery

To do this, click Upload Image Files, Select from Library or simply drag the photos which you want to apply a hover effect into the gallery into the gallery edit page.

Step 4 – Chose a hover effect

Head to Modula Settings > Hover Effect to choose the effect you like most by testing each of them out from within the gallery edit page.

The final step is to Publish your new gallery for the world to see, and copy & paste the shortcode into any post or page where you want the images with the desired hover effect to appear.

Backend view of a GIF gallery created with Modula